Gafas de Sol en el Streetwear: Protección, Estilo y Sofisticación

Sunglasses in Streetwear: Protection, Style and Sophistication

In the exciting world of streetwear, every detail counts when creating a unique and authentic look. And one of the accessories that cannot be missing to dazzle with style on the streets are sunglasses . These not only provide protection against harmful UV rays, but are also a key element to express personality and add a touch of sophistication to any streetwear outfit. In this article, we will discover everything you need to know about sunglasses in streetwear and how to get the most out of them.


We will talk:

  • Sun protection with style
  • Popular sunglasses styles
  • Unique designs and trends
  • Curiosities
  • Sun protection with style

Sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory; They are also a protective shield against the sun's harmful UV rays. Make sure you choose glasses that offer adequate UV protection to keep your eyes safe while looking great. Remember that the health of your eyes is as important as your style, so don't forget to protect them in style!

Look for glasses with labels that indicate UV 400 protection or 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.
Consider polarized lenses to reduce glare and improve visual clarity.
Opt for quality frames that provide adequate protection and are made of durable materials.

Most popular sunglasses styles

Streetwear offers a wide variety of sunglasses styles to complement any outfit. Here are some popular styles that will surely help you stand out.


Aviator glasses, like the SHIKAKU SUNGLASSES, have become a streetwear classic. Their metal frames and teardrop-shaped lenses provide an air of sophistication and boldness.

Thick frame glasses, like the KEIKO SUNGLASSES, are perfect for those who want a modern and avant-garde look. These sunglasses with wide, striking frames add a touch of extravagance to any streetwear outfit.

Colored glasses like the YOCHU GLASSES . Why settle for traditional when you can stand out with a burst of color? Sunglasses in vibrant tones or with gradient lenses add a touch of freshness and originality to your style.

Unique designs and trends

Streetwear is constantly evolving, and sunglasses are no exception. Here are some trends and unique designs that are taking over the streets.


Glasses with mirrored lenses: This futuristic and eye-catching style has gained popularity in streetwear. Mirrored lenses not only provide additional protection, but also add a touch of mystery and edgy style to your look. Like this one and this other one .

Clear Frames: For those looking for a more subtle, minimalist look, clear frames are a great option. These lightweight frames allow the focus to be on your eyes and the overall style of your outfit.

Geometric Shapes: If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for sunglasses with unusual and geometric shapes. From hexagons to octagons, these glasses add a touch of avant-garde and originality to your streetwear style.


The origin of sunglasses dates back to ancient China, where judges used them to hide their facial expressions during trials.
The popularity of sunglasses in the world of cinema skyrocketed in the 1960s, thanks to stars like Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen, who made them a symbol of style and glamour.
The first modern sunglasses design is attributed to the Ray-Ban brand, which launched the "Aviator" model in 1936 for pilots of the United States Air Force.

In short, sunglasses are much more than an accessory in streetwear. They are a perfect combination of protection and style, allowing you to express your personality while keeping your eyes safe from UV rays. Whether you choose a classic pair of aviator glasses or venture into more daring designs, sunglasses are an essential element to complete your streetwear look.


Don't be afraid to experiment and find your own unique style! So, go ahead , choose glasses that give you protection and style, and dazzle in the world of streetwear.

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