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Collection: MEN'S KIMONOS

The Japanese kimono, a garment from the 7th century that returns in the 21st century. LOBICHIA, a street fashion store, has prepared an exclusive collection of kimonos for men.

Japanese kimonos with drawings are our specialty. If you are looking for an impressive one, look here , however, if you want something more fluid and lighter, we opted for this one . And you? Which one do you choose? Two different garments made with someone like you, a lover of Japanese clothing, in mind.

Perhaps, you are looking for a more discreet design. In this case, at LOBICHIA we advise you to buy a black kimono . A sure success! What do you think? Take advantage now and get your oriental kimono, just a few clicks separate you from having a one hundred percent Japanese style. Don't forget that shipping is free on every order.

LOBICHIA Spanish streetwear and urban clothing brand.