In the bustling heart of Tokyo, LOBICHIA was born: our dream come true. What started as a shared passion among friends for fashion, music and Japanese culture, turned into something bigger.

At Lobichia, we don't just sell Japanese streetwear; We are a direct connection to the vibrant energy of Tokyo and the diversity of its urban lifestyle. Every garment we offer has a story behind it, from rebellious punk jackets to elegant kimonos.


We are a meeting point for all lovers of streetwear, music, anime and urban lifestyle. Here, the community comes together to inspire each other and celebrate our shared passion.

We are committed to offering an exceptional shopping experience, where each piece is a work of art with a purpose. We care about quality and sustainability, because we believe that every purchase should be an investment in style and conscience.

Join us on this exciting journey where fashion becomes a way of telling stories and where each step brings you closer to discovering your own unique style.