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Collection: MANEKI NEKO

Let's welcome luck and Japanese tradition with the LOBICHIA Maneki Neko figure collection! Do you like to mix urban fashion with an Asian touch in your style? This collection is perfect for you!

At LOBICHIA, we offer a wide variety of Maneki Neko figures, from traditional statues to modern designs, in different sizes, materials and unique patterns. You won't find another collection like it anywhere else.

From ceramic ornaments to decorate your home to beautiful keychains to carry with you everywhere, our Maneki Neko collection is ideal for those who want to bring wealth, fortune and happiness to their daily lives. Plus, all figures are made with high-quality materials to make sure they last a long time.

Unlike other brands, at LOBICHIA we focus on offering unique and differentiated products from the competition. Each of our Maneki Neko figures are designed with a focus on street fashion and Asian style, making them perfect as gifts or additions to any collection.

In short, if you want to add a Japanese touch to your style and collection, look no further than the Maneki Neko collection from LOBICHIA. Place your order today and let luck come into your life. We hope to see you soon!