Visual Kei Streetwear: Fusions of Style

Imagine walking through the bustling streets of Tokyo on a summer night, surrounded by flashing neon and glowing billboards advertising the latest fashion trends. Suddenly, you encounter a crowd of young people dressed in extravagant clothing, flashy makeup, and gravity-defying hairstyles. It is as if you have been transported to another world, where fashion is an art form and creativity knows no limits. This is the world of the Visual Kei style , a Japanese cultural movement that has captivated millions around the world.


But the impact of Visual Kei goes beyond its geographical borders. It has inspired musicians, designers and artists around the world, influencing the streetwear fashion scene in a unique and exciting way . In this article, we're going to dive into the fascinating universe of Visual Kei and explore how this style has shaped exciting collaborations with some of the world's most recognized fashion brands . Get ready for a journey full of creativity, innovation and a touch of rebellion, as we discover the shocking influence of BABYMETAL and other Visual Kei icons on the world of contemporary fashion . Join us on this exciting journey!


  • The Origin and Evolution of the Visual Kei Style
  • Collaborations with Fashion Brands: The Influence of BABYMETAL
  • Featured Examples of Visual Kei Streetwear Style Fusions
  • How to Incorporate Visual Kei Streetwear into your Wardrobe?
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Visual Kei Streetwear

The Origin and Evolution of the Visual Kei Style

Visual Kei is much more than a style of music; It is a way of life that has captured the imagination of young people around the world . Emerging in the 1980s in Japan, this movement is characterized by its theatrical and androgynous aesthetics, inspired by Western glam rock. Over time, Visual Kei has evolved to encompass a wide range of influences, from gothic to punk, while always maintaining its essence of individual expression and rebellion.


Collaborations with Fashion Brands: The Influence of BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL has been a global phenomenon since its emergence, fusing heavy metal with elements of Japanese pop culture in a unique and exciting way . Her influence on the world of streetwear fashion has been undeniable, with collaborations with brands like X-girl , SuperGroupies and more. These collaborations have brought the Visual Kei style to new audiences and demonstrated the power of music to influence street fashion.


Featured Examples of Visual Kei Streetwear Style Fusions

  • X-girl x BABYMETAL: This collaboration resulted in a vibrant and bold collection that combined the kawaii aesthetic of BABYMETAL with the street style of X-girl. From graphic tees to statement accessories, this collection captured the essence of Visual Kei in a fresh and exciting way.

  • SuperGroupies x BABYMETAL: SuperGroupies collaborated with BABYMETAL to create a line of clothing and accessories inspired by the group's unique aesthetic. From leather jackets to bags with metallic details, this collection allowed fans to take BABYMETAL style everywhere.

How to Incorporate Visual Kei Streetwear into your Wardrobe?

If you feel inspired by the Visual Kei style, you can incorporate elements of this movement into your own wardrobe in several ways. Try bold makeup, extravagant accessories, and clothing with unique details. Don't be afraid to experiment and express yourself through your clothes.


Frequent questions:

  • What is the Visual Kei style and what is its origin?

The Visual Kei style is a Japanese cultural movement that originated in the 1980s, primarily in Japan's underground music scene. It is characterized by its extravagant and theatrical aesthetic, which combines elements of fashion, makeup and elaborate hairstyles. Visual Kei is an expression of individuality and creativity, where artists and followers seek to stand out and challenge social norms through their visual appearance.

  • How has BABYMETAL influenced Visual Kei Streetwear?

BABYMETAL is a Japanese musical group that has fused metal with J-Pop, creating a unique and distinctive style that has captured the world's attention. Although BABYMETAL does not strictly identify with the Visual Kei style, its impact on the Japanese music scene has contributed to the popularization of the Visual Kei aesthetic in the field of streetwear. Her innovative approach and visually striking image have inspired designers and Visual Kei followers to explore new forms of expression through fashion.

  • What are some streetwear fashion brands that have collaborated with Visual Kei artists, besides X-girl and SuperGroupies?

In addition to X-girl and SuperGroupies, some other streetwear fashion brands that have collaborated with Visual Kei artists include H. Naoto, Listen Flavor, Putumayo, and ALGONQUINS. These collaborations often result in unique collections that combine the distinctive aesthetic of Visual Kei with the quality and style of streetwear fashion brands.

  • What elements define Visual Kei Streetwear?

Visual Kei Streetwear is characterized by a unique combination of fashion elements that reflect the extravagant and theatrical aesthetic of the Visual Kei style. Some of these elements include asymmetrical clothing, excessive layering, bold prints, ornate accessories, dramatic makeup, and elaborate hairstyles. The key is to create a bold and expressive look that challenges conventional fashion conventions.

  • How can I incorporate the Visual Kei style into my daily wardrobe in a subtle but impactful way?

If you want to incorporate the Visual Kei style into your daily wardrobe in a subtle but impactful way, you can choose to add small touches of characteristic Visual Kei elements to your look. This could include wearing eye-catching accessories, such as cross necklaces, studded leather bracelets, or extravagant rings. You can also experiment with asymmetrical clothing, bold prints, or dramatic makeup to add a touch of Visual Kei style to your outfit without going overboard. The key is to find a balance between personal expression and functionality in your daily wardrobe.


Visual Kei Streetwear is much more than fashion; It is a way of life that celebrates individuality, creativity and self-expression . With the influence of artists like BABYMETAL and exciting collaborations with fashion brands, the Visual Kei style continues to evolve and leave its mark on urban culture. Are you ready to immerse yourself in this fascinating world of style and music? Join the Visual Kei Streetwear movement and let your style speak for you with LOBICHIA !

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